IT Trading Group


IT Trading Group's business activities date back to 2003 when, based on rich commodity experience and their supplies to metallurgical and chemical plants, a company was created whose main goal was to search for the best commodity producers and thus provide a high added value for metallurgical and chemical industry. Another significant added value is our ability to finance our supplies and thus significantly help industrial companies finance their working capital. In search for the best commodity producers we focus on Eastern markets such as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, which are historically the destinations with the best base of raw materials and the processing industry. Our target markets are mainly V4 countries and almost all of Western Europe.

Another important added value is our ability to provide logistics and customs services even in the most complicated cases. To arrange logistics of deliveries we use customs warehouses in:


  • Kosice
  • Považská Bystrica
  • Ostrava
  • Decin
  • Budapest
  • Katowice


We are able to deliver our products to almost any of the Incoterms defined conditions, but in particular:


  • DDU
  • DDP
  • CPT